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Moscow annual B2B Forum “Russia-Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers” is one of the tools to support and develop business partnerships between Russian and European SMEs.

The Forum provides European SMEs with a possibility to present their business proposals and investment projects likewise to hold negotiations on them with potential business partners.

In addition and in between the fora assistance is being focused on:

(a) providing support and advice on how and by what means to solve concrete problem of an entrepreneur (training, legal protection, intellectual property rights, financing, etc.);

(b) supplying with a “tailor-made package” of services to develop a company (investment project preparation, marketing, identifying suppliers and clients, raising financing, internationalizing, etc.).

This is also valid for Russian SMEs as we make sure that they “know before they go”: that they invest and trade safely, and that they know all their rights and risks in Europe. We also help Russian SMEs to establish a commercial presence on the European market, particularly at the crucial early stages of their market penetration strategy. We assist with the provision of information, confidential advice and potential partner search and screening.


Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow Government

Список хирургических операций и процедур больницы Св. Йозефа г. Вены

Список хирургических операций и процедур больницы Св. Йозефа г. Вены

Все виды грыж (лапароскопически и обычным способом) - € 6 500 - 8 100, 4-5 дней Онкологическая хирургия (ЖКТ + гинекология) - € 11 000 - 12 500, 7 дней Лапароскопическая толсто-кишечная хирургия, а также ТЕМ (транс-анальная эндоскопическая микрохирургия) - € 11 600 - 12 600, 7 дней; TEM - € 6 800, 4 дня 

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Russian FDI into EU

If you are looking for a foreign investor we would be happy to promote your investment project in Russia and to indentify a Russian investor for you