ExpoLive Italy-Russia

ExpoLive - www.expolive.it

ExpoLive is the new web platform created by Friuli Venezia Giulia Region to support the internationalization of Italian companies. In this first pilot phase it will be specifically dedicated to the Russian Federation, a country with a high strategic value for Friuli Venezia Giulia and Italy.

In the stand you can promote your company by publishing news, your current activities and your products/services and upload also catalogues, presentations, videos and pictures.

It is possible to easily find other companies by using the internal search engine.
If the company identified is of interest for your business, you can ask it to join your network, get in contact and interact, as in a real fair.

You can be always updated on activities of your network: publication of news, updating of company profiles, new ideas and business opportunities.
All this on your Expò!!!

A tool devised for creating new opportunities and networks for the Italian economy.

The web platform provides companies with a virtual showcase where they will gain the opportunity to promote their products and services, networking with Russian enterprises that have been selected and motivated to build new business relationships with our country.