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Workshop 2: Funding and financial Tools to Improve the Business Environment for SMEs and Start-ups in the European Union, Germany and the Russian Federation

Day 1: Part 1: EU Support Programs for SMEs and Start-ups

09.30 hrs Welcome to the Participants

10.00 hrs Introduction: The SME development strategy of the European Union and the Enterprise Europe Network

Overview of the philosophy and structure of the SME policy of the European Union and their impact on the Member States. Description of the implementation mechanisms of EU policy at national and regional level.

10.30 hrs SME Promotion in the European Union - Thematic funding instruments and Stuctural Funds

Overview over the special SME-related EU programs related to environment, technology and innovation, education and training. Information about application procedures and the selection process. The EU Structural Funds special program lines aimed at improving the business environment for SMEs and entrepreneurs in the EU countries.

11.00 hrs Coffee Break

11.15 hrs EU Financial Instruments – The European Investment Bank (EIB)

As a direct financial support for businesses through the EU is not allowed, the Union provides through the EIB financing instruments that may be assigned via financial intermediaries under the usual banking conditions. Amount and access procedures for businesses will be described.

11.45 hrs SME Promotion in the EU – Programs in the Framework of „Neighbourhood Policy“

In the course of the pre-accession activities of various Eastern and Southeastern European countries, the EU supports SMEs with a special programs under IPA and NIF. Description of the program philosophy and the access criteria for applicants.

12.45 hrs Questions and Answers

13.00 hrs Lunch

Day 1: Part 2: Support Programs for SMEs and Start-ups in Germany and Russia

14.00 hrs Best Practices: SME- and Start-up Promotion in Germany

Overview over SME promotion strategies in Germany and best practice examples from selected regions.

15.00 hrs Introduction: SME support strategies of the Federal Government and selected Russian Regions

Outline of the major policy lines and actions of the Federal Government to support SMEs and start-up. Description of their relevance for the revitalization of mono-structured towns and regions. Examples of SME development strategies from selected regions. 

15.45 hrs Coffee Break

16.00 hrs National Tools: Programs and Funds for SME- and Start-up Promotion in Russia

Main features of Federal Programs for SME development and business oriented infrastructure. Eligibility criteria and application procedures.

17.00 hrs Questions and Answers, Discussion

17.30 hrs End of First Day



Day 2: Group Work: Using of Funding for SMEs and Start-ups

In group work participants will learn to develop regional development projects in accordance with the specifications and requirements of formal support programs. Selected programs are given to them, which should be used to finance the fictitious projects. Special project fiches ("Concept Notes"), which are based on standard application forms will be made available to the participants to facilitate the systematization of the project application.

10.00 hrs Introduction – Objectives of the Group Work + Methodology of Project Development

10.15 hrs Step 1: Analysis of the given programs and financial schemes and identifiction of the most important eligibility criteria and conditions 

11.15 hrs Step 2: Identification and development of three pilot projects, including indicative budgets, making use of standard project fiches, e.g .....

a) Business incubator for the region X;

b) Start-up strategy for the region X;

c) Bromotion of key technologies in the region X.

13.00 hrs Lunch

14.00 hrs Step 3: Development of model applications for funding for the pilot projects

a) Relevance of the project for regional economic development;

b) Justification of the choice of / the support program (s);

c) The eligibility criteria and budget lines;

d) Partners, implementation and management;

e) Monitoring and Evaluation.

15.30 hrs Coffee Break

15.45 hrs Presentation and Discussion of the Group Work Results

16.45 hrs Evaluation of the Workshop

Ende of the Workshop


Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow Government

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