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B2B Forum: Terms and Conditions

Forum Languages – plenary discussion: Russian and English; bilateral negotiations: English

Participation for all persons, companies and institutions is free of charge. They pay their own travel and accommodation costs. 

Companies from the following sectors are invited to take part in the Forum:

Traditional sectors of Industry New sectors –Technologies
Metal-working (technologies, equipment, products and instruments) Energy saving and energy efficiency (technologies, equipment lights and lighting systems)
Wood-working, pulp & paper (technologies, equipment, products and instruments) Biotechnologies, bio-fuel and bio-power
Machinery and mechanical engineering Computer technologies
Electronics ICT and Media
Electrical engineering Nanotechnologies
Food Industry (equipment, products) New Materials
Chemicals Advance flexible materials
Construction / building materials Aerospace
Textile, fur/leather, garments production  
Medical devices / Pharmaceutics  
Optics, glass products, manufacturing, processing and finishing technologies  

Upon individual requests additional payable services could be provided to the Forum participants:

- Placing advertising material on the Forum’s site under “Participants’ Advertising”: € 200;

- Including advertising leaflet into Forum Participant’s kit: € 395;

- A 4 м² stand at the premises of the Forum: € 555.

Companies and institutions wishing to get additional publicity during the 2-day event could be provided with specific sponsor’s packages upon request.

Реклама участников форума


Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow Government

Список хирургических операций и процедур больницы Св. Йозефа г. Вены

Список хирургических операций и процедур больницы Св. Йозефа г. Вены

Все виды грыж (лапароскопически и обычным способом) - € 6 500 - 8 100, 4-5 дней Онкологическая хирургия (ЖКТ + гинекология) - € 11 000 - 12 500, 7 дней Лапароскопическая толсто-кишечная хирургия, а также ТЕМ (транс-анальная эндоскопическая микрохирургия) - € 11 600 - 12 600, 7 дней; TEM - € 6 800, 4 дня 

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Russian FDI into EU

If you are looking for a foreign investor we would be happy to promote your investment project in Russia and to indentify a Russian investor for you 

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