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Программа Деловых Партнерств

Bulgarian Industrial Association
Wirtschaftsförderung für Berlin  Economic Development for Berlin
ТПП Люксембург
ТПП Брно, Чехия
ТПП Хайду-Бихар, Венгрия
Каунасская ТПРП, Литва
Болгарское Агентство поддержки малого и среднего предпринимательства
Asia-Pacific Business Forum
EU SME Centre in China
The Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (ESEE)

B2B Forum

B2B Forum: Concept

Concept of the Moscow Business Partnership Matchmaking Forum

The uniqueness of the Business Partnership Matchmaking Forum (B2B Forum) concept will present companies with prospects to access new markets, establish enduring business relationships, and share their professional experiences on an international level. At present, B2B Forums have become a renowned and powerful measure with the scope to support businesses in their internationalisation process and to help them to form new potential partnerships in foreign markets worldwide.

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B2B Forum: General Information

B2B Forum: The perfect match!

Partnering and networking events serve as a perfect platform for small and medium-sized companies aspiring to develop technical and commercial partnerships. This phenomenon is critically important in today´s market environment which is constantly changing, making it important for networking and information exchange which will ultimately result in generation of new products, services and technologies. 
The main objective of the Forum is to promote bilateral business relations between participants and to stimulate concrete partnership bonds between companies and economic operators related to equipment, technology and services in a wide range of industry sectors.

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B2B Forum: The registration procedure

How to pass a general registration


Please note that registration to the Forum means - June "Russia-Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers" forum

Registration to the Conference means - November "Competitiveness of Russian regions" conference

STEP 1: Register online with the site at www.regionomica-moscow.ru (Registration button). After that...

STEP 2: Please enter your own e-mail and pass (left upper corner of the front page) you have indicated when registering with the site and use the site administrator’s link. Press “General Registration”.

If you did participate in our events before and thus had registration number please do the following: (i) enter the site with your previous login and password, (ii) go to Participant's Data and click on it, (iii) press on "Edit General Info" and fill in all mandatory fields in both, "General" and "Profile" , (iv) select "Forum" or "Conference"; (v) tick "I wish to participate in negotiations" and press the "Update" button.

Click here for General Registration at the Forum

If you wish to participate in the negotiation meetings with Russian and European companies

please continue your registration. If you have several representatives from one company there should be ONE company registration including all its representatives 

How to register for B2B meetings

STEP 3: Enter the site www.regionomica-moscow.ru by making use of the Login and Password you have indicated upon general registration. If you have two or more company representatives to participate please indicate them all under one number already received with general registration (for example, under the number of a senior person).

STEP 4: Please press on “Company Profile”, fill in all fields in Russian and English and indicating all company representatives (English speaking persons could put dash in the fields with Russian language), including description of your products and services and requested type of cooperation areas (if you have an investment project, please indicate here, download the IBPPP form bellow and send it to the organizers), confirm your company profile data by putting a tick in a field “Confirm company profile”, press “Update”.

Click “Registration for B2B meetings”

Your cooperation profile will be published in the online catalogue of the event.

STEP 5: From the online catalogue, fix your individual meetings with the companies you wish to meet. After having studied the online catalogue (“List of meetings participants”) select companies which you would like to meet with. By clicking at the company you enter into its Company Profile. By clicking on the “Individual Meeting Requests” button you are adding this company into your list of individual meetings (up to 12 companies).

STEP 6: Based on your indicated preferences likewise requests from other companies to meet with you, your personalised business meetings will be arranged with your prospective business partners according to your specific concerns and common interests.

Length of each meeting: up to 30 minutes

STEP 7: All meeting request result in a “Schedule of Meetings” section available at the site. At the event, you can ask your appointment schedule at any time at the Registration Counter.

STEP 8: Meet your potential business partners to discuss common areas of interest and to explore the possibility of mutual cooperation and opportunities for the development of future bilateral projects, including investment ones.

How to register for Conference

Click “Registration for Conference”

Реклама участников форума


Департамент науки, промышленной политики и предпринимательства города Москвы


Государственное бюджетное учреждение
«Малый бизнес Москвы» 

Мероприятия Европейских Партнеров

Форум деловых партнерств в Люксембурге

Форум деловых партнерств в Люксембурге

  Международный форум деловых партнерств в Люксембурге-2014 для малых и средних предпри...

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Список хирургических операций и процедур больницы Св. Йозефа г. Вены

Список хирургических операций и процедур больницы Св. Йозефа г. Вены

Все виды грыж (лапароскопически и обычным способом) - € 6 500 - 8 100, 4-5 дней Онкологическая хирургия (ЖКТ + гинекология) - € 11 000 - 12 500, 7 дней Лапароскопическая толсто-кишечная хирургия, а также ТЕМ (транс-анальная эндоскопическая микрохирургия) - € 11 600 - 12 600, 7 дней; TEM - € 6 800, 4 дня 

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Ваши инвестиции в Европе

Если Вы хотите открыть свою компанию или купить действующую компанию в странах Европейского Союза, мы поможем Вам выбрать страну, регион, отрасль и предприятие, а также создать оптимальную схему владения и управления Вашими компаниями в Европе. Зачем вкладывать средства в Европе?Прямые инвестиции в ЕС

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