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In cooperation with the Association of European Businesses ( we are providing European companies with advice on launching business in and with Russia likewise assisting free of charge in "protecting" newly established companies 

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Russia - Europe Programme Servises

European entrepreneurs are welcome to make use of the following services (prices are negotiable):

- Getting advice from and sharing experience in establishing business in Russia with members of the "Association of European Businesses", "Confindustria Russia" and members of the Programme Organizing Committee (free of charge);

- Identifying reliable business partners in Russia for trading (both dealers and end user buyers), research and investment;

- Representing European company and promoting its products/services in Russia;

- Registering European subsidiary company at the Moscow city address and managing it to minimize operational costs and tax expenses of the European mother company;

- Identifying unique Russian technologies for setting up business productions in Russia and in Europe.

"Competitiveness of Russian Regions: Innovations, Investment, Partnership"

The First in History

"European/Foreign companies in Russia: Experience, Challenges, Solutions"

30 November 2018, Moscow

The format of the conference is a plenary in the morning and B2B meetings in the afternoon. The plenary speakers would be invited to share their experience in doing business in particular Russian regions and in Russia, in general, likewise in business cooperation among foreign companies and with Russian companies. The B2B session would consist of pre-fixed upon request meetings between: European SMEs located in Russia and Large Russian and European companies; Russian SMEs and Large Russian and European companies; Russian SMEs and European SMEs, Large Russian and European companies.

 Business Missions to Russia

Upon request missions could be organized to any Russian region.

Events in Europe

BRNO International Engineering Fair

1-5 October 2018, Brno

The International Engineering Fair (MSV) is the leading industrial trade fair in Central Europe with annual participation reaching more than 1500 exhibitors and 75000 visitors from  59 countries worldwide. More than a third of the exhibitors are from abroad. All nine of the key specialist sectors of the engineering industry are very well represented.

 IV-th IoT Solutions World Congress

16-18 October 2018, Barcelona

The 2018 edition of the event offers attendees, sponsors and exhibitors alike the unique opportunity to achieve their business objectives through different activities.


Connected Transport; Manufacturing; Energy; Healthcare; Buildings and Infrastructure; IoT -Open Industry; Enabling IoT.


Blockchain Solutions World, AI & Cognitive Systems Forum

CWIEME 2019 Berlin 

21-23 May 2019

CWIEME Berlin is the leading event for coil winding, electric motor and transformer manufacturing technologies. The largest industry gathering, CWIEME Berlin brings together highly specialised engineers and procurement professionals to meet new and existing suppliers, invest in new and innovative products and solutions, network with the industry and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

 Fi Europe 2019

3 - 5 December 2019 Paris, France

Join the undisputed leading global meeting place for food and beverage innovation - hosted in one of Europe's largest F&B markets  France to: 

Source the latest and most innovative ingredients which have been directly discovered in the heart of Europe

Grow your business in one of the fastest growing markets with a large appetite for food, health and functional ingredients

Nurture your business relationships by meeting with the most important ingredients suppliers and buyers in the region

Business missions to Europe

It is planned to organize business missions of Russian entrepreneurs to Austria and to Andalusia (Spain). Upon request missions could be organized to any European country/region.



Registration procedure includes (1) registration with the web-site, (2) registration to the Forum "Russia-Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers" on 29-30 June 2017 and optional (2a) registration to the B2B meetings, (3) registration to the Conference "Competitiveness of Russian regions" on 01 December 2017.

Registration is available at the web-site; Administrator is not responsible for the data indicated by thoses who have registered

"Regionomiсa" LLC provides advice, technical assistance and services by making use of European experts:

(a) To government agencies, business associations and business support structures at the national, regional and local (municipal) level.

Our services cover the full range of issues of local / municipal and regional development with an emphasis on innovation in the field of policy development, strategy elaboration, planning and programming of regional development, creating institutions for regional development and for supporting small and medium enterprises, attracting new technologies and foreign direct investment.

(b) To small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in any field of activities.

Within the framework of the “Russia-Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers” programme the following basic services are being provided to European companies:

(a)   identification of reliable business partners in Russia, both dealers and end user buyers;

(b)   representing European company and promoting its products/services in Russia;

(c)   registering and managing European subsidiary company in Moscow to minimize operational costs and tax expenses.

Please note that the cost of setting up a company in Russia is about Euro 200 and up to 10 working days. Corporate profit tax is 20% while the Simplified Tax System implies a special procedure for SMEs with the "income” taxation rate of 6% and "income minus expenses” taxation rate of 15%. There is the Unified Agricultural Tax - income, reduced by the amount of expenses incurred at the rate of 6% - for agricultural producers covering crop, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, including locally grown fish and other aquatic biological resources. Personal income tax in Russia is 13%. International participation exemption for dividends and capital gains might be also considered.

Promoting Russian FDI into Europe

Our mandate is to promote direct investment from Russia and to foster international outreach of Russian industries and thus provide new business opportunities for the Russian private industrial sector, especially small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

  • Services to Russian enterprises: dissemination of information on investment climate in the European countries; reliable business partners scouting and matchmaking activities; setting-up companies in Europe; organization of business delegations and B2B meetings and international events; preliminary evaluation of investment projects; organization and implementation of capacity building activities for SMEs upgrading and development.
  • Investment promotion activities: organize investment seminar/workshops composed by Russian entrepreneurs to disseminate investment climate in the concerned European countries to both Russian investors and Russian potential investors; organize business delegation and B2B meetings during workshops; conduct investment survey to characterize on Russian potential investors
  • Business development activities: implement study/feasibility tours, matchmaking activates for the development of specific industrial areas with particular emphasis on sustainable development by seeking «Green Industry”
  • Technology Transfer: Selected productive/environmentally-friendly technologies as well as know-how of Russian companies seeking overseas partners are promoted

Long-Term Integrated Business Partnerships Matchmaking Programme “Russia – Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers” is targeted at assisting Russian industrial companies, inter alia SMEs, in production, R&D and services with business partnership proposals, including investment projects, to identify potential business partners in Europe. Likewise at assisting European companies, inter alia SMEs, to identify potential business partners in Russia.

The ten B2B fora already held (10 November 2009, 7 June and 10 November 2010, 18 April 2011, 5-6 June 2012, 17-18 June 2013), 24-25 June 2014, 29-30 June 2015, 27-28 June 2016, 29-30 June 2017) brought together 1,563 Russian and 513 European SMEs which had 3,287 bilateral negotiations. An unlimited number of informal meetings were also held. In 2013 the Forum was organized jointly with the European Commission and its first «Mission for Growth to the Russian Federation» headed by Mr. Antonio Tajani, Vice-President, now President of the European Parliament.

The Programme has the character of "technical assistance" and is not a commercial project.

Participation of Russian and foreign companies in the events is free of charge (for more details please see Programme Services section).


Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow Government

Список хирургических операций и процедур больницы Св. Йозефа г. Вены

Список хирургических операций и процедур больницы Св. Йозефа г. Вены

Все виды грыж (лапароскопически и обычным способом) - € 6 500 - 8 100, 4-5 дней Онкологическая хирургия (ЖКТ + гинекология) - € 11 000 - 12 500, 7 дней Лапароскопическая толсто-кишечная хирургия, а также ТЕМ (транс-анальная эндоскопическая микрохирургия) - € 11 600 - 12 600, 7 дней; TEM - € 6 800, 4 дня 

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Russian FDI into EU

If you are looking for a foreign investor we would be happy to promote your investment project in Russia and to indentify a Russian investor for you