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Altamarea - Nautical Construction (Palermo, Sicily).

Altamarea boats are ideal for both personal recreation and professional transportation of passengers, organizing pleasure and excursion rides, transporting troops between ships or ashore, for servicing coastal support facilities or large ships, for use as patrol and rescue vessels, for diving scuba divers, as well as for sport competitions. Elegant in design, unsinkable boats made by an Italian shipyard. The boats are designed for comfortable, safe sailing with high performance. Rigid inflatable boat (RIB) boats are stable, lightweight, fast and seaworthy. The boats have won the World and Italian Endurance Championships. Manufacturing remains traditionally handcrafted and piecemeal: each boat is a unique piece and requires the same care and attention, regardless of size or cost. The lineup includes 7 boats from sports to luxury with cabins, 5.9-11.3 m long, 140-700 hp engines, carrying capacity 1.6 - 6.0 tons, passenger capacity up to 22 people. The production of a maxi-boat of 14.50 m is being prepared. Larger boats are designed to sail in coastal waters for a distance of up to 200 miles and are able to withstand storms up to force 8 and waves up to 4 meters (class "B"); smaller boats (class "C") are designed for sailing in coastal sea waters, lakes, rivers and bays, capable of withstanding storms up to force 6 and waves up to 2 meters. The boat is a multifunctional, unsinkable boat with a rigid hull bottom. The inflated collar acts like a life jacket, ensuring the boat is buoyant in all conditions.

 Entering Russian Market Service

Entering Russian market is a complicated endeavour, even if your company already has export experience elsewhere. The Programme encompasses all major business stakeholders in Russia like Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, European Businesses Association, Confindustria Russia likewise Russian SMEs Associations (OPORA Russia and Business Russia). Our experts know the Russian market, know the culture and speak the language. Due to that we are in a position to assist foreign companies in entering Russian market with less risks, less hassle and much faster. If your company has distributors in Russia already, we are in a position to facilitate your expansion in Russia as well.

We are offering our three phases service as a temporary extension of your team for less cost than export manager flying economy class, terminals and staying for one night in Moscow.

International Online B2B Forum

The annual “B2B Russia-Europe Forum” has been converted into continuous “International Online B2B Forum” with extending its coverage by encompassing all other continents. Contact each other irrespective to location is its basis. 

The Forum is the only Internet Global Business Partnership Search Portal in the world for establishing business relations among companies without any restrictions, inter alia sector or location, and without linkages to international events. The uniqueness of the “GBPSP” is complemented by constant targeted advertising of the portal’s capabilities among Russian and foreign entrepreneurs, business support structures and local authorities likewise their involvement, as well as by curatorial assistance from the portal administration. That makes unlimited the number of participants, business liaisons among them and volume of business information to be exchanged among Forum participants.

Companies and sole proprietorships seeking business partners are welcome to register with the “International Online B2B Forum”, place their business proposals or requests (import-export-investment), select those to communicate with among registered companies and enter into direct contacts with them (or through our assistance, if requested).  

Registration procedure includes: (i) to requesting, receiving and filling in an application form in Word format, (ii) to paying the registration fee (€100) with further (iii) placing information at the Forum site in accordance with Step-1 to Step-7 instructions on the page “B2B Forum: The registration procedure”. Instead of Step-8 companies communicate directly.

Working languages are English and Russian, translation support is available upon request.

Should company has registered with the Forum its “General” and “Profile” data (two pages) appears at the web-site and is available for other Forum participants only. At any time General and Profile data could be amended by the companies concerned.

Speakers – institutions or persons – wishing to address the Forum participants are welcome to register with the Forum as well. Their interventions (max 4,5 MB) would be disseminated among Forum participants by e-mailing or via WhatsApp.

Sponsor are also welcome, sponsorship kits are available upon request.

 Flanders Business Initiative

Selection of Russian companies that will receive support in Flanders (Belgium)

For the quarantine period the project is an effective alternative to the risky participation in events abroad, as well as to the travel ban. Point five bellow is suspended.

The project operators are Regionomica LLC (official operator of the MEA Programme) and the Chamber of Commerce of Antwerp. Similar operators are being identified in other European countries.

Project concept 

The project concept is purely business oriented and is aimed at excluding conduct of formal fruitless missions and meetings.

As a rule, business missions are being organized either at the request of Chambers' members or at the initiative of business support structures - Chambers in the country or Trade Advisors abroad. In any case, there is no prior to the mission selection of those who ask for a mission or join it, and there is no checking whether a particular company has a chance to find a counterpart in the country where the business mission is going to. As a result, the output of such missions in general and everywhere is low for both sides, recipients and visitors.

We are introducing a new concept - checking feasibility prior to traveling.

Selection is being performed by two sides: first we in Russia check proposals of Russian companies from the viewpoint of the project idea or its feasibility in a specific foreign country; then foreign partner (chamber or agency) checks through contacts with its members whether Russian companies proposals are raising anyone's interest. Once mutual interests become evident, only then a business mission takes place. Accordingly, there are no idle trips and site seeing tours.

The project has phases and companies are invited to paying for the project services:

First - Russian companies are being notified of support in establishing business relations with companies in a foreign country and applications are being collected (sent upon request).

Second - Russian participants are assisted in formulating business proposals and / or investment projects and a preliminary selection of Russian companies is being carried out.

Third - business proposals and descriptions of investment projects of Russian companies are finalized in English and are being transmitted to the foreign partner.

Fourth – foreign partner (chamber or agency) checks business proposals and descriptions of investment projects of Russian companies taking into account interests of its member companies and reveals interest of its members in relation to specific proposals of Russian companies (selection procedure).

Fifth - based on the results of the mutual interests identified, a business mission (in group or individual) to the foreign country is being organized.

Flemish companies outside of Flanders are welcome to apply as well.

Russia - Europe Programme Services

Our Office is at your service for commercial promotion / representation:

assistance in entering Russian market; commercial representation; advertising among Russian companies; partner search for export to/import from Russia, research, investment; consultancy services on certification and licences, trade mark, customs clearance/logistics; data on Russian companies; implementing projects by making use of crowdsourcing; after quarantine and lockdown are lifted - organizing presentations and B2B sessions at the Moscow City Government (Novy Arbat Street 36/9) and business missions.

Partner search includes: promoting products / services and identifying potential Russian dealers; procedures to be undertaken and their costs (registration, certification, etc.) to import products into Russia; prices on the analogue products in Russia in comparison with the initial price idea; expected quantity to be imported; etc.

We have over 25 year extended experience in the above and during the last 10 years have facilitated establishing business relations between 1,673 Russian and 553 European companies. In 2013 we organized “The Mission for Growth to the Russian Federation” of the European Commission and EU companies.

 Business Missions to Russia

Upon request missions could be organized to any Russian region. 



Registration procedure includes (1) registration with the web-site, (2) registration to the Forum "Russia-Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers" on ... June 20.. and optional (2a) registration to the B2B meetings,

(3) registration to the Conference on ... November 20...

Registration is available at the web-site; Administrator is not responsible for the data indicated by those who have registered

"Regionomiсa" LLC provides advice, technical assistance and services by making use of European experts:

(a) To government agencies, business associations and business support structures at the national, regional and local (municipal) level.

Our services cover the full range of issues of local / municipal and regional development with an emphasis on innovation in the field of policy development, strategy elaboration, planning and programming of regional development, creating institutions for regional development and for supporting small and medium enterprises, attracting new technologies and foreign direct investment.

(b) To small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in any field of activities.

Within the framework of the “Russia-Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers” programme the following basic services are being provided to European companies:

(a)   identification of reliable business partners in Russia, both dealers and end user buyers;

(b)   representing European company and promoting its products/services in Russia;

(c)   registering and managing European subsidiary company in Moscow to minimize operational costs and tax expenses.

Please note that the cost of setting up a company in Russia is about Euro 200 and up to 10 working days. Corporate profit tax is 20% while the Simplified Tax System implies a special procedure for SMEs with the "income” taxation rate of 6% and "income minus expenses” taxation rate of 15%. There is the Unified Agricultural Tax - income, reduced by the amount of expenses incurred at the rate of 6% - for agricultural producers covering crop, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, including locally grown fish and other aquatic biological resources. Personal income tax in Russia is 13%. International participation exemption for dividends and capital gains might be also considered.

Promoting Russian FDI into Europe

Our mandate is to promote direct investment from Russia and to foster international outreach of Russian industries and thus provide new business opportunities for the Russian private industrial sector, especially small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

  • Services to Russian enterprises: dissemination of information on investment climate in the European countries; reliable business partners scouting and matchmaking activities; setting-up companies in Europe; organization of business delegations and B2B meetings and international events; preliminary evaluation of investment projects; organization and implementation of capacity building activities for SMEs upgrading and development.
  • Investment promotion activities: organize investment seminar/workshops composed by Russian entrepreneurs to disseminate investment climate in the concerned European countries to both Russian investors and Russian potential investors; organize business delegation and B2B meetings during workshops; conduct investment survey to characterize on Russian potential investors
  • Business development activities: implement study/feasibility tours, matchmaking activates for the development of specific industrial areas with particular emphasis on sustainable development by seeking «Green Industry”
  • Technology Transfer: Selected productive/environmentally-friendly technologies as well as know-how of Russian companies seeking overseas partners are promoted

Long-Term Integrated Business Partnerships Matchmaking Programme “Russia – Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers” is targeted at assisting Russian industrial companies, inter alia SMEs, in production, R&D and services with business partnership proposals, including investment projects, to identify potential business partners in Europe. Likewise at assisting European companies, inter alia SMEs, to identify potential business partners in Russia.

The ten B2B fora already held (10 November 2009, 7 June and 10 November 2010, 18 April 2011, 5-6 June 2012, 17-18 June 2013), 24-25 June 2014, 29-30 June 2015, 27-28 June 2016, 29-30 June 2017) brought together 1,563 Russian and 513 European SMEs which had 3,287 bilateral negotiations. An unlimited number of informal meetings were also held. In 2013 the Forum was organized jointly with the European Commission and its first «Mission for Growth to the Russian Federation» headed by Mr. Antonio Tajani, Vice-President, now President of the European Parliament.

The Programme has the character of "technical assistance" and is not a commercial project.

Participation of Russian and foreign companies in the events is free of charge (for more details please see Programme Services section).


Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow Government

Список хирургических операций и процедур больницы Св. Йозефа г. Вены

Список хирургических операций и процедур больницы Св. Йозефа г. Вены

Все виды грыж (лапароскопически и обычным способом) - € 6 500 - 8 100, 4-5 дней Онкологическая хирургия (ЖКТ + гинекология) - € 11 000 - 12 500, 7 дней Лапароскопическая толсто-кишечная хирургия, а также ТЕМ (транс-анальная эндоскопическая микрохирургия) - € 11 600 - 12 600, 7 дней; TEM - € 6 800, 4 дня 

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Russian FDI into EU

If you are looking for a foreign investor we would be happy to promote your investment project in Russia and to indentify a Russian investor for you